Unplugging pt2 (unplug your iPod)

So in my previous post “Unplugging” I talked about the importance of unplugging from technology as it can be a distraction to our lives. So I decided that I would give a very easy and simple suggestion that is easy to implement into our everyday lives.

Unplug your iPod.

Sounds crazy right? With the huge success of the iPod, you rarely ever see anybody walking around the streets without those famous white earbuds. Although iPods are great to listen to our favorite jams, it is just another thing that disconnects and distracts us from the REAL world.

Now I know that there are a lot of music lovers out there who might feel outrage at this. However let my clarify my idea. I’m not suggesting to ditch music alltogether but rather to unplug your iPods ONCE IN A WHILE to get back in touch with the everyday world.

When we are walking around with our iPods, it is easy to get rid of the distractions in our everyday lives and to relieve ourselves of boredom. However by constantly avoiding these distractions, we lose the ability to actually DEAL with them when we have to. We start losing patience and the ability to pay attention if something simply isn’t entertaining.

When I stopped listening to my iPod on my way to and from class, I started NOTICING the world around me. That random couple getting into an argument or the random person asking you to join their club. Although I started to notice these “annoying things” I started noticing things I wouldn’t have ever noticed had I had been distracted by my music. For example the soft breeze of the trees, or the sound of my feet crunching over leaves, or the innocent chatter of children.

So your assignment for today is to go an entire day (maybe even a week) without listening to your iPod (or mp3 player).

Start noticing what you start really HEARING and EXPERIENCING. After your assignment, come back and leave a comment about your experiences!