Dear Diary 7.2

July 2, 2009

Dear diary,

Right now im sitting on the bus heading to work. It’s a gloomy and rainy day outside and I regret not bringing a bigger umbrella. The funny thing about the rain is that whenever im inside and looking out it looks so beautiful and calming, but when running around in it I want to go back inside.

Argh I just did my morning workout but there was no food. Im starving right now and I wanna hurry up and go to eat some tonkatsu and fill up my stomach.

But im pretty excited to take photos at the same time today. Theres something romantic about taking photos when its raining for some reason. When I think about great photos in the rain I think about a gloomy image shot in black and white… with a lone person walking with his or her umbrella. I haven’t been able to shoot any truly memorable photos in the rain yet (it never rains in LA) but with the rainy season in Korea running rampart right now, it looks like a golden opportunity.

I hope that my trip to apgujung tonight will be pretty epic. On the photography forum I am on, I am well-known for shooting memorable photos from Rodeo drive in los angeles… and there also happens to be a rodeo drive in apgujung. The last time I went there and met up rosa, eddy, gina, and rob, I totally forgot my camera at home which im still beating myself up for.

And for my photography website, it looks pretty drab nowadays. I am sick of the old template I have been using for the longest time (almost 3 years) and it needs a clean new facelift. Hopefully I can transform my photography website into a great resource where budding photographers can get tons of inspiration from and get more information when it comes to street photography.

I need to hurry up and finish that street photography book I have been working on. But I still feel that I have so many commitments right now in terms of long—term projects, and that I still need to simplify my life more.

However being in korea, I am so glad that I finally have started to write down my thoughts. You know diary, it is so hard to find time to blog back in the states for some reason. it is something that I find myself really passionate about. I gotta make a note to myself to really find time, no matter what, to write everyday. It has been helping me a lot journal my thoughts and feelings, as well as making my ideas more concrete in terms of actually getting it down.

I also realize that I don’t get anything done when cooped at home. I love being mobile and getting things done outside of home. When at home I can become so bogged down and waste hours upon hours and feel uninspired. However when outside at a café with my netbook, thoughts run wild and I have no choice but to write them down. I definitely need to work on my schedule a lot more.

Stuff I would like to get done everyday no matter what:

  1. Get a blog post written on
  2. Upload a photo and write a small commentary to
  3. Get my morning workout done

I realize that these are the three most important things that I MUST get done everyday or I feel incomplete in some strange sort of way. When checking out, the author suggested to make a MIT list (Most important things list) and keep it to three things. And he also urges us to make sure to get all of these things done every morning, no matter what. And then everything else can follow. And by keeping it to three things, we can simplify our lives even more, and think about what we REALLY need to feel accomplished everyday.

My list of short-term projects (1 week):

  1. Build a UCLA Kyrie Website
  2. Improve my website
    1. Add a link to my blog
    2. Add a new template
    3. Add a page for my portfolios
      1. i.      Geographic Locations and date
      2. ii.      Using Lightroom 2 in flash format.
      3. Get my street photography book published to ebook format.

Long term-stuff (1 month):

  1. Get my Europe itinerary finalized
    1. Places to see in Venice, Prague, London
    2. Cut days off London for Prague.