Strength in Disability

The other day I went to mass at the University Catholic Center (the Catholic church next to UCLA). During the end of mass I took the communion, headed back to my seat and did a short prayer and opened my eyes. Across from me I saw a male student who was waiting in line to get the communion in a wheelchair.

While he was in line, he was steadily wheeling himself forward closer to receive the Body of Christ. When he was second in line, I saw him put his hands on top of one another–open to receive the communion. Once the person in front of him left, I saw him thrust his body forward which propelled his wheelchair close enough to the priest who was dispersing the communion. He then received it, put it into his mouth, and then wheeled himself back to his chair.

It was a moment which was so beautiful that I felt chills go up my spine. To see my fellow peer show his strength over his disability was quite an eye-opening experience. In the beginning of mass he was sitting in the row from the opposite of me, and I remember studying him more out of curiosity than impoliteness. I saw his thin legs–most likely from the fact that he had not used his legs in many years.

We are all blessed with strengths and weaknesses. It is merely a matter of what we choose to do with our life’s circumstances which show our true inner-strength.


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