Photography Artist Statement

So I am going to be featured in an art exhibit at UCLA titled: “Lost Angeles” in the Powell Rotunda. It is the first time that I have actually been interviewed by a curator named Tanya Yorks. Here is an amazing artist bio that she actually wrote for me… and I wanted to share it here:

Shooting with his digital single lens reflex camera, Eric Kim, a 4th year UCLA student, composes candid photos of local people immersed in the dynamic and rapid Los Angeles environment with a casual lightness that translates the vital pulse beneath the racing activity of modern society.  Appropriating the ‘decisive moment’ aesthetic originated by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eric seizes those split-second, once in a lifetime experiences that can transform a photograph into a compelling, spirited moment, vividly and timelessly framed with his lens.  Eric’s street photography, centered on ordinary citizens absorbed in the exchanges of everyday life, encapsulates the fleeting experience and focuses on the beauty in the mundane, resulting in unusual juxtapositions that inspire calming pause and contemplation in the viewer’s typically hectic life.  He likens photography to a play: the environment is a stage, and the individuals are the actors.  As a photographer, Eric’s role is to capture the unscripted interactions between the actors and the stage, opening a channel to the overlooked inherent beauty of personal exchanges.  In doing so, he reveals a unique, untold story of the Los Angeles citizen, unfolding spontaneously in his evocative black and white imagery.

After graduating this spring, Eric plans to work in public relations and online marketing, and ultimately earn his doctorate in Sociology.

Better than I could have ever wrote it.