Winter Break Photos Cont..

12-30-2009 @Midnight:

Anna really wanted me to eat chili-cheese fries from Nation’s Burgers for the longest time, so out of nowhere when she headed home from work, she surprised me by bringing some home! Along with some random chocolate cake…

Ready to grub!
artery-clogging goodness
me ready to grub!!
random chocolate cake -- still delicious


Anna and I meet up my dad at Emeryville and watch Avatar together in 3-D. I swear, it was the most epic movie I have probably seen in my life. Although trying to fit those 3-D glasses over my prescription glasses was really awkward, I somehow got it to stay on for the entire movie and whole-heatedly enjoyed it.

I think after watching that movie, I truly started to feel “old”. Movies in 3-D?!?!?! When the hell did they make it so seamless and amazing? No but if you haven’t watched Avatar yet, I highly suggest you to do so.

Eating a burger before the movie
Me holding my burger, also with my new haircut.
Me and pops
pops and anna

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