It’s 9:50. I am on the #16 bus heading home. On the bus, I am currently sitting on the top left seat looking at it lightly rain outside. I am sitting hunched in my seat, with my knees resting in the barrier in front of me. I feel the cool breeze from outside hitting my face. I’m in total comfort and while listening to an audiobook about Sarte, I have an unexplicable sense of peace in my heart.

Damn life is beautiful.

Its definitely htese small moments which make life so valuable. We must learn to cherish the small things in life, because thats what makes life so special and worth living. Things such like the warm and welcoming taste of coffe in the morning, the innocence of a soft peck on the cheeck, or the sweet smell in the air before it rains.

Life doesn’t have to be so damn complicated. We often make it so much more confusing and convoluted than it needs to be. We try to seek all the extravagancies in life rather than enjoying ourselves in the small yet sweet moments. We have an unsatiable desire for wealth, status, and fortune which clouds our mind and judgement makes us ignore everything else.

However we must learn to detach ourselves from these fruitless desires. They never fully satisfy us, regardless if we believe they will or not. Rather, they make us feel even more empty inside.

So don’t live life in terms of everything having to be so big and grand. I rather invite you to live life through a microscope. Think about and cherish all the small things in life that we take for granted.

Next time you are sipping coffee think about it in terms of our time on the earth. Savor life. It’s good to the last drop.


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