Audiobooks is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Ever since Cindy introduced me to them by giving me a copy of “Tuesdays with Morrie” I have been HOOKED. I have always been fascinated with books, but never found the time to really sit down and read them because I was always on the go. However with audiobooks, I can take them with me anywhere and soak up all this knowledge whether I’m riding the bus, on the subway, or just walking around. Audiobooks are kinda like a treadmill too because they give you a steady stream of words and you are forced to keep a certain pace, which guarantees you to finishing a book within about 2 hours.

Tutoring in Korea I heavily rely on public transportation to get wherever I need to go. Therefore I spend about 2 hours everyday just waiting for the bus, riding the bus, or just walking around. This gives me a perfect opportunity to gain my knowledge and insight about the world which has been extremely fulfilling. I have been listening to books about communication, philosophy, religion, productivity, and even about interpersonal relationships. I therefore do not dread this time being alone, I rather embrace it. I am really trying to suck the marrow out of life and by making the best out of my time.

Time is not free. We often waste it by doing what we don’t want to do or simply from mere procrastination. Time is also a non-renewable resource; once we use it we cannot get it back.

So turn off your gossip girls, quit stalking people on Facebook, or twittering about what you ate for breakfast. Empower yourself through knowledge. Lets put the “cool” back in school.


2 thoughts on “Audiobooks”

  1. I swear, this is the last post I’ll respond to today, but it is bizarre to be located half-way across the country and stumble into a blog so filled with things I think about every day. I am audiobook-obsessed, and one reason why is that while I am listening/reading, I am walking around the city. My memories of the audiobooks I listen to are intertwined in a deep way with place and route. When I pass by certain streets or go to my home state, feelings and memories attached to particular audiobooks come flooding back. While I won’t completely denigrate old-school book-in-hand reading, there is something very different about reading while sitting in one place. By the way, the e-mail signature quotation I have used for over ten years is “I am, therefore I think.” That’s not related to this post, but I did chuckle when I saw your blog tagline.

  2. gosh you really owe me big for transforming your entire life. 🙂

    i’m happy for you that this has developed into one of your many passions. it’s such an inspiring/productive one too 😀

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