Just do it.

Just do it.

Coined by Nike, it has become the most effective slogans in the world out of any other company. These three words carry so much strength and energy without having to be long and complicated.

Just do it.

How many times in our lives we wanted to do something, but somehow never got around to actually doing it? It is funny, because we always find reasons why not to do something rather than finding reasons why to do something. Exercise is a common one. Everyone wants to exercise and lose weight but few people actually do it. They will always make up excuses and say that they’re “too tired”, that they don’t have a gym membership, and that exercising is boring. People give up without even actually trying.

I know that the first step is always the hardest. It does take a lot of energy and will to actually go out and get something accomplished. But how can we expect to get things done without actually taking action on our thoughts and aspirations?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we miss the point. I had a good friend named Susanne who really wanted to start up a blog, but she always told me how she didn’t know what exactly to write about or what to title her blog. I told her that those were the details that weren’t very important, and the most important thing was actually creating the blog and actually writing in it. She talked about making it for a while, and one day she finally took the plunge. She combined her passion of writing, photography, food, and makeup all in one refreshing blog where you can check out here: http://simply-susie.blogspot.com/

I had always wanted to make a blog like this for a while, but never got around to doing it. I would constantly tell myself that I would start it, but I never took the initiative in doing it. But I knew that the more excuses I made the less likely I was going to start it up, so I took action and actually created the blog, not quite sure what to write about. But definitely creating the blog was the first step in achieving my goals.

There is the popular phrase: “actions speak louder than words.” I always try to apply this to my everyday life and try to always “walk the walk” instead of “talking the talk.” If you always say that you’re going to do something but never do, you are going to end up disappointing a lot of people, including yourself.

So take it upon yourself and

Just do it.

No excuses.

No complaining.

Just do it.


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