Something that we should all strive to do is to be online less and outside more. Although the television used to be the biggest source of distractions, it has been much overshadowed by the internet. Although the internet is a great source of information and can be used in very good ways, many people often just waste their time on it. We are constantly distracted by email, Facebook, Myspace, twitter, and instant messaging that we spend much more time indoors than outdoors.

It may seem that the internet has connected us with other people and the world, but in fact it has disconnected us. Instead of going out and actually meeting friends, we write on their facebook walls. Instead of going out and seeing new places, we stay home and surf the web. Instead of going out and playing sports, we stay glued onto sports websites and research statistics.

The feeling of unplugging once in a while is very strange at first, but very refreshing. There are times that we are forced to unplug, such as when the internet quits working at our homes. When this happens, we often feel very awkward and don’t know what to do. However after the initial shock wears off… we start doing things which are more fulfilling whether it be reading books or going out. And once the internet starts working again, we are once glued to our screens.

But by unplugging more, we can LIVE more. Think about all the sweet moments from your life. Did they happen when you were on your computer or surfing the web? Or were they when you spent quality time with friends and family or experienced something new outside? By unplugging more, we can have more chances to build these sweet memories.

Now I’m not saying to throw away your computers and blackberries and live in a cave or something. We still are dependent on technology for basic things like paying our bills or work-related things, but there is a certain point when any extra time spent with technology is time wasted.

So take that hour or two that you usually spend on the computer and unplug. Go for a walk, meet a friend, or read a book. It may be the best one or two hours of your day.


4 thoughts on “Unplugging”

  1. i really like this becasue i spend a lot more time off line now since i have to take care of my new dog now. its a lot of work but he is a great addition to the family and he keeps me busy. great work eric

    1. Dude I’m excited for your dog Kevin! What kind of dog did you get? I love dogs… but I’m actually allergic o them lol. But it feels great going offline more huh?

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