Stepping out of your comfort zone

As a street photographer, I always have to step out of my comfort zone to either take photos of strangers or explore new places to take photos of. At times we can become extremeley comfortable in our little bubbles that we never go out and explore the world. We become so used to our routines that anything new or foreign makes us afraid.

But stepping out of your own comfort zone and doing something you are not used to doing can be one of the most exhilerating things. For example, when walking in the sidewalk and you see that one alleyway that can be a potential shortcut… do you take it? Or does something hold you back that prevents you from going down that path? Is it fear? And if so, what are you afraid of? Sure if you’re a girl and its the middle fo the night maybe its not a good idea, but in broad daylight you should be good.

Humans naturally love routine and expecting things, and we may find solace in it. But when it prevents us from being spontatneous and doing things we want to, that is when it holds us back.

Did you ever suddenly become really inspired and wanted to do something that you thought was crazy? You might have told your friends about it, and they might have thought you were crazy too and dissuaded you from doing it. But push them aside and don’t let them prevent you from doing something truly “crazy.”

So do something crazy and unexpected today. Even the smallest change in routine can be the most refreshing thing. Switch that bagel you eat for breakfast with a muffin, or take a different road home. You might stumble upon something truly unexpected and amazing that you wouldn’t have experienced had you taken the regular path.


2 thoughts on “Stepping out of your comfort zone”

  1. i think a lot of times, it doesn’t occur to people to try new things- like they it’s not even in their stream of consciousness to want to switch things up. esp. if they’re comfortable. which is me. heh. ahh eric, hope you’re having a blast ❤ miss you.

  2. It feels so awesome to step outside of it too!..but we are (or should i say “I am”) so hesitant about it. It’s nuts! I could do this in so many ways..needed that reminder..

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